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Title & Link اسم الكتاب و رابطهAuthor المؤلفالتصنيفالنوعيةWWW
History and Bibliography of Anatomic Illustration in Its Relation to Anatomic Science and the ... Ludwig Choulant , Edward Clark Streeter , Fielding Hudson Garrison, Mortimer Frank 1852-the New York Public Library
The History and Topography of Dauphin, Cumberland, Franklin, Bedford, Adams, and Perry Counties ... Israel Daniel Rupp 1846-Harvard University
The History of Elsmere and Rosa: An Episode George Colman 1817-the New York Public Library
History of England: From the Peace of Utrecht to the Peace of Versailles, 1713-1783 Philip Henry Stanhope [Stanhope 1853-the University of Michigan
The History of Great Britain: From the First Invasion of it by the Romans Under Julius Caesar Robert Henry 1800-the New York Public Library
The history of romances. Made Engl. by S. Lewis Pierre Daniel Huet 1715-Oxford University
Moses Mendelssohns gesammelte Schriften Moses Mendelssohn , Christian August Brandis, Joseph Mendelssohn 1844
Novum Testamentum Graece, ad fidem codicis principis Vaticani ed., integram varietatem aetatis ... 0 1848-Oxford University
Oeuvres complètes de M. de Voltaire. Voltaire 1792-the University of Michigan
Orlando furioso, con note e dilucidazioni grammaticali, da R. Zotti castigato Lodovico Ariosto 1822-Oxford University
Outlines of Enlgish history Robert Ross 1860-Oxford University
Paris: ou Les sciences, les institutions, et les mœurs au XIXe siècle Alphonse Esquiros 1847-the University of Michigan
The Poems, of the Late Christopher Smart, ... Consisting of His Prize Poems, Odes, Sonnets, and ... Christopher Smart 1791-Oxford University
Poetry of the Anti-Jacobin: Comprising the Celebrated Political & Satirical Poems, Parodies and ... George Canning, John Hookham Frere, George Ellis, William Gifford 1852-the New York Public Library
Porcupine's Works Vol. IV William Cobbett 1801-Oxford University
The Professor: A Tale Charlotte Brontë 1857-Harvard University
The Redskins; Or, Indian and Injun: Or, Indian and Injin James Fenimore Cooper 1846-Harvard University
Report of the Commissioner & the Governor of Iowa Iowa Commissioner of the Des Moines River improvement 1852-the University of Michigan
Report of the Trial of Abner Rogers, Jr.: Before the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts ... Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, George Bemis, George Tyler Bigelow, Abner Rogers , Joseph Meredith Toner Collection (Library of Congress) 1844-the New York Public Library
Report, with an account of some of the cases visited Benevolent or stranger's friend society 1850-Oxford University
Sakuntala: Ein indisches Schauspiel Kālidāsa, Ernst Heinrich Meier 1852-Harvard University
The Siege of Valencia: A Dramatic Poem ; The Last Constantine, with Other Poems Felicia Dorothea Browne Hemans 1823
Sophoclis tragœdiæ septem; cum scholiis veteribus, versione Lat. et notis. Accedunt deperditorum ... Sophocles 1808-Oxford University
Œuvres de Condillac Etienne Bonnot de Condillac 1798-the New York Public Library
Vita Davidis Ruhnkenii. Ed. et adnotationes quum selectas F. Lindemanni et I.T. Bergmani tum ... Daniel Albert Wyttenbach 1846-Oxford University
Whole Works Xenophon 1840-Harvard University
The Works of Alexander Pope, Esq. Alexander Pope , Joseph Warton 1797-the New York Public Library
The Works of the English Poets.: With Prefaces, Biographical and Critical Samuel Johnson 1781-Oxford University
The Works of Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher Francis Beaumont , John Fletcher 1750-the New York Public Library
The works of George Sand [tr.] by M. M. Hays [and others]. Amandine Lucile A . Dudevant 1847-Oxford University
The Works of John Owen John Owen 1826-the New York Public Library
The Works of Laurence Sterne: With a Life of the Author Laurence Sterne 1814-the New York Public Library
The Works of Mrs. Hemans, with a Memoir by Her Sister, and an Essay on Her Genius by Mrs ... Felicia Dorothea Browne Hemans, Harriet Mary Browne Owen 1840-the New York Public Library
The Works of Mrs. Hemans, with a Memoir by Her Sister, and an Essay on Her Genius by Mrs ... Felicia Dorothea Browne Hemans, Harriet Mary Browne Owen 1840-Harvard University
The Works of William Cowper: His Life and Letters William Cowper , William Hayley, John William Cunningham , Thomas Shuttleworth Grimshawe 1835-the New York Public Library
A History of the Literature of Ancient Greece: From the Foundation of the Socratic Schools to ... John William Donaldson, Karl Otfried Müller 1858-the New York Public Library
Allgemeines schwedische Gelehrsamkeits-archiv unter Gustafs des dritten Regierung... 0 1796-the New York Public Library
An Account of the Arctic Regions with a History and Description of the Northern Whale-fishery ... William Scoresby 1820-the New York Public Library
Archives générales de médecine 0 1839-the University of Michigan
A Treatise on Medical Jurisprudence Francis Wharton , Moreton Stillé 1860
Berthold Auerbach's gesammelte Schriften Berthold Auerbach 1857-Oxford University
Bibliotheca Classica Latina sive Collectio Auctorum Classicorum Latinorum ...: cum notis et ... Nicolas-Éloi Lemaire 1828-the New York Public Library
Biographisches Lexikon des Kaiserthums Oesterreich, enthaltend die Lebensskizzen der ... Constantin von Wurzbach 1859-the University of Michigan
The Buik of the Croniclis of Scotland: Or, A Metrical Version of the History of Hector Boece Hector Boece , William Stewart 1858
Bulletin général de thérapeutique médicale, chirurgicale, obstétricale et pharmaceutique Societe de thérapeutique 1847-the University of Michigan
Cartas del v. siervo de Dios d. Juan de Palafox y Mendoza ... al p. Andres de Rada ... y de ... Juan de Palafox y Mendoza, Andrès de Rada 1700-Oxford University
C. Sallusti Crispi Catilina et Jugurtha, with notes by G. Long Gaius Sallustius Crispus 1860-Oxford University
Dictionnaire universel des sciences morale, économique, politique et diplomatique; ou ... Jean-Baptiste-René Robinet, Réd Robinet 1783-Oxford University
Die Statutenbücher der Universität Leipzig aus den ersten 150 Jahren ihres Bestehens, herausg ... Leipzig Univ 1861-Oxford University
Finnische Runen, finnisch und deutsch von H.R. von Schröter, herausg. von G.H. von Schröter Finnische Runen 1834-Oxford University
Footfalls on the Boundary of Another World: With Narrative Illustrations Robert Dale Owen 1860-Harvard University
Fragmenta phytographiæ Australiæ Ferdinand Jacob H . Mueller 1861-Oxford University
Gazette des tribunaux, ouvrage périodique, contenant les nouvelles des tribunaux 0 1778-the University of Michigan
Geschichte der ungrischen Dichtung von den ältesten Zeiten bis auf Alex. Kisfaludy, übers. von G ... Ferencz Toldy 1863-Oxford University
The golden horn; and sketches in Asia minor, Egypt, Syria, and the Hauraan Charles James Monk 1851-Oxford University
Histoire secrete de la reine Zarah, et des Zaraziens. Trad Delariviere Manley 1711-Oxford University
The History of Brazil: From the Period of the Arrival of the Braganza Family in 1808, to the ... John Armitage 1836
Introductory Lectures on Modern History: Delivered in Lent Term, MDCCCXLII. With the Inaugural ... Thomas Arnold 1860
Journal of the Proceedings of the Convention to Form a Constitution for the Government of the ... New Jersey Constitutional Convention, New Jersey 1844-Harvard University
Le cardinal Maury, sa vie et ses œuvres Jean Joseph F . Poujoulat 1855-Oxford University
Neue Allgemeine geographische und Statistische Ephemeriden Prof.Dr.G.Hassel 1826-Oxford University
N. Federmanns und h. Stades Reisen in Südamerica, 1529 bis 1555 Nikolaus Federmann , Hans Staden 1859
(Oeuvres complètes de Frédéric Bastiat, mises en ordre: rev. et annotées d'après les manuscrits ... Frédéric Bastiat 1863-the University of Michigan
OEuvres de P. Corneille Pierre Corneille 1862-the University of Michigan
Origines Ecclesiasticæ: Or, The Antiquities of the Christian Church, and Other Works, of the Rev ... Joseph Bingham 1834-the New York Public Library
Plymouth and the Pilgrims: Or, Incidents of Adventure in the History of the First Settlers Joseph Banvard 1851-the University of Michigan
Poems, Plays and Essays Oliver Goldsmith , John Aikin 1851-Harvard University
The Poetical Works of Thomas Moore Thomas Moore 1841-the University of Michigan
Present state of the Spanish colonies; including a particular report of Hispañola William Walton 1810-Oxford University
Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the High Court of Chancery: In the Time of Lord ... Great Britain Court of Chancery, Philip Yorke Hardwicke 1794-Oxford University
Séances des Écoles normales, Pierre Simon Laplace , Ecoles normales (France)., Joseph Louis Lagrange, René Just Haüy, Gaspard Monge , Daubenton (Louis-Jean -Marie), Claude-Louis Berthollet, Jean -Nicolas Buache, Edme Mentelle, Constantin -François Volney , Sicard (Roch Ambroise Cucurron), Dominique -Joseph Garat, Jean -François de La Harpe , Alexis-Théophile Vandermonde, Cercle social (Paris, France )., Ecole normale supérieure (France) 1801-the New York Public Library
Shakespeare and His Times Guizot (François ), Achille Charles Léonce Victor Broglie 1855-the University of Michigan
Sketch of the religious history of the Slavonic nations: Being a Second Edition of His Lectures ... Walerjan Skorobohaty Krasiński 1851-Oxford University
Théatre de P. Corneille: avec les commentaires de Voltaire. Pierre Corneille , Voltaire, Fontenelle (Bernard Le Bovier ), William Shakespeare , Jean Racine, Thomas Corneille 1797-the New York Public Library
Voyage autour de ma bibliothéque, roman bibliographique, où les gens du monde et les dames ... Antoine Caillot 1809-the New York Public Library
The Works of the Rev. John Wesley John Wesley 1812-the New York Public Library
Aben-Hamet, the last of the Abencerages. Transl François René Chateaubriand 1826-Oxford University
A History of the Church in Brattle Street, Boston Samuel Kirkland Lothrop 1851-Harvard University
A Municipal History of the Town and City of Boston, During Two Centuries: From September 17 ... Josiah Quincy 1852-the University of Michigan
A Popular Account of the Ancient Egyptians Sir John Gardner Wilkinson 1854-Harvard University
A sketch of the history of the regium donum, and parliamentary grant to poor dissenting ... Thomas Rees 1834-Oxford University
Bibliotheca Moguntina, libris sæculo primo typographico Moguntiæ impressis instructa, hinc inde ... Stephan Alexander Würdtwein 1787-Oxford University
China opened; or, A display of the topography, history ... etc. of the Chinese empire, revised ... Karl Friedrich A . Gützlaff 1838-Oxford University
Commentarius historicus in Romanum Breviarium, quo ... præcipue vero Breviarii Parisiensis ritus ... Jean Grancolas 1734-Oxford University
Commentarius in Joël prophetam Charles Marie de Veil 1676-Oxford University
Correspondance mathématique et physique, publ. par mm. Garnier et Quetelet. (Royaume des Pays-bas). 0 1825-Oxford University
Dictionairre Par Une Societe de Religieux et De Jurisconsultes. 1765-the New York Public Library
Die Lehre von der Person Christi entwickelt aus dem Selbstbewusstsein Christi und aus dem ... Wolfgang Friedrich Gess 1856-Oxford University
Dissertações chronologicas e criticas sobre a historia e jurisprudencia ecclesiastica e civil de ... 0 1811-Oxford University
The Dramatic Works and Poems of James Shirley, James - Shirley , Alexander Dyce 1833-Harvard University
Extracts from the writings of Francis Fenelon ... with some memoirs of his life. To which are ... François de Salignac de la Mothe Fénelon 1797-Oxford University
Fauna Orcadensis: Or, The Natural History of the Quadrupeds, Birds, Reptiles and Fishes of ... George Low 1813-Oxford University
Geschichte der protestantischen Dogmatik in ihrem zusammenhange mit der Theologie überhaupt W. Gass 1857-Oxford University
Hints on Missions to India: With Notices of Some Proceedings of a Deputation from the American ... Miron Winslow 1856-the New York Public Library
History of Alabama, and Incidentally of Georgia and Mississippi, from the Earliest Period Albert James Pickett 1851-Harvard University
Illustrations of the History and Practices of the Thugs: And Notices of Some of the Proceedings ... Edward Thornton 1837-the University of Michigan
Journal of a military reconnaissance, from Santa Fé, New Mexico, to the Navajo country James Hervey Simpson 1852-Oxford University
Le opere di Galileo Galilei Galileo Galilei , Vincenzio Viviani 1856
Manual of general history, tr. from the Noorthey course by H. Attwell Manual 1859-Oxford University
Miscellaneous Poems John Byrom 1773-the New York Public Library
Narrative of a voyage to the Ethiopic and south Atlantic ocean, Indian ocean, Chinese sea, north ... Abby Jane Morrell 1833-Oxford University
Nouveau journal de médecine, chirurgie, pharmacie, etc 0 1820-the University of Michigan
Oeuvres complètes de m. le vicomte de Chateaubriand François-René Chateaubriand 1836-the New York Public Library
Oeuvres d'Horace: en latin et en françois, avec des remarques critiques et historiques Horace, André Dacier 1727-the New York Public Library
The Poetical Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley Percy Bysshe Shelley , Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin Shelley 1839
The Poetical Works of William Drummond of Hawthornden William Drummond 1856-the New York Public Library
Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Ecclesiastical Courts at Doctors' Commons: And in ... Joseph Phillimore , Great Britain High Court of Delegates 1818-Oxford University
Reports of Cases of Controverted Elections: In the Sixth Parliament of the United Kingdom Uvedale Corbett , Edmund Robert Daniell 1821-Oxford University
Römische Geschichte. (Bd. 3 herausg. von F.F. Baur). Friedrich Carl Albert Schwegler 1853-Oxford University
Suite du Répertoire du Théâtre Français: avec un choix des pièces de plusiers autres théâtres ... Pierre Marie Michel Lepeintre-Desroches 1823
The Works of Hannah More Hannah More 1846-Harvard University
The Works of Shakespeare: The Text Regulated by the Recently Discovered Folio of 1632 ... William Shakespeare , George Long Duyckinck , John Payne Collier 1853-the New York Public Library
An analysis and summary of New Testament history James Talboys Wheeler 1859-Oxford University
Annuaire des lettres, des arts et des theatres 0 1847
A Practical Treatise on Grasses and Forage Plants: Comprising Their Natural History, Comparative ... Charles Louis Flint 1857-the University of Michigan
Archiv für die neuesten Entdeckungen aus der Urwelt 0 1822
A Universal History of the United States of America: Embracing the Whole Period from the ... C. B. Taylor 1829-the University of Michigan
Bibliothèque académique, ou Choix fait par une société de gens-de-lettres, de différens mémoires ... Bibliothèque 1811-Oxford University
First Report to the Cotton Planters' Convention of Georgia: On the Agricultural Resources of Georgia Joseph Jones, Cotton planters' convention of Georgia 1860-Harvard University
Geheime Geschichten und räthselhafte Menschen, Sammlung verborgener oder vergessener ... Friedrich Buelau 1850-Oxford University
Hermes. Or, A Philosophical Inquiry Concerning Language and Universal Grammar James Harris 1751-Oxford University
Histoire de la république de Venise Pierre Antoine Noel Bruno Daru 1826-the University of Michigan
The History of the Small Pox James Carrick Moore 1815-Oxford University
The History of Virginia, from Its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time Timothy Shay Arthur 1853-the University of Michigan
Hours of Childhood, and Other Poems. Bowman, Ariel 1820-the New York Public Library
Les Géorgiques: Expliquées littéralement Virgil 1806-Harvard University
Limon: theologica, historica et geographica, miscellanea, in usum scholæ Hergensis Limon 1835-Oxford University
Natursystem aller bekannten in- und ausländischen Insekten, als eine Fortsetzung der von ... Karl Gustav Jablonsky , Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Herbst 1785-Oxford University
Origen, progresos y estado de las rentas de la corona de España, su gobierno y administracion ... Spain 1817-Oxford University
Poems, Consisting Chiefly of Translations from the Asiatick Languages: To which are Added Two ... William [Jones 1777-the University of Michigan
The Poetical Works of Thomas Moore: Complete in One Volume Thomas Moore 1853-the New York Public Library
Proceedings of the Public Meeting Held at Freemasons' Hall, on the 18th June, 1824, for Erecting ... C. H. Turner 1824
Raccolta di poesie, tratte dai più celebri autori antichhi e moderni per cura di F. Venosta 0 1858-Oxford University
Reports of Cases Argued and Adjudged in the Courts of King's Bench and Common Pleas in the ... Great Britain Court of King's Bench, Great Britain Court of Common Pleas, John Bayley , Robert Raymond Raymond 1792-Oxford University
Reports Relating to the Project of Constructing a Railway and a Line of Electro-magnetic ... New Brunswick. House of Assembly, House of Assembly, Legislative Council, New Brunswick . Legislature . Legislative Council , Legislature, New Brunswick 1847-the New York Public Library
tales of Grandfather;History of France Mster John Hugh Lochhart 1831-Harvard University
The Theological Works of Thomas Paine: To which are Added the Profession of Faith of a Savoyard ... Thomas Paine, Jean -Jacques Rousseau 1834-the New York Public Library
Traité de minéralogie Haüy, René Just Haüy , ( 1822-the New York Public Library
Œuvres de Maupertuis Maupertuis 1768
A Digest of the Reported Cases Adjudged in the Several Courts Held in Pennsylvania: Together ... Thomas Isaac Wharton 1843-Oxford University
A History of the County of Westchester, from Its First Settlement to the Present Time Robert Bolton 1848-the University of Michigan
A History of Greece George Grote 1853-Oxford University
American Ornithology: Or The Natural History of the Birds of the United States Alexander Wilson , George Ord, William Maxwell Hetherington , Robert Jameson , Charles Lucian Bonaparte 1831-Harvard University
American Slavery: Report of a Public Meeting Held at Finsbury Chapel, Moorfields, to Receive ... Moorfields, England Citizens 1846-Harvard University
The Ancient and Modern History of the Maritime Ports of Ireland Anthony Marmion 1855
Annual Report American Baptist Home Mission Society 1843-the New York Public Library
Biblischer Commentar über sämmtliche Schriften des Neuen Testaments, von H. Olshausen (nach dem ... Hermann Olshausen 1853-Oxford University
Biographisches Lexikon des Kaiserthums Oesterreich, enthaltend die Lebensskizzen der ... Constantin von Wurzbach 1858-the University of Michigan
The Dramatic Works of the Right Honourable Richard Brinsley Sheridan Richard Brinsley Sheridan, George Gabriel Sigmond 1857-Harvard University
Elena y Roberto, ó, los dos padres: Novela francesa Guénard (Elisabeth) 1818-the University of Michigan
Gazette des tribunaux, ouvrage périodique, contenant les nouvelles des tribunaux 0 1776-the University of Michigan
Grübels sämmtliche Werke, neu herausg. von G.K. Frommann Johann Konrad Grübel 1857-Oxford University
Histoire de la révolution de 1848, par Daniel Stern Marie Catherine Sophie Agoult 1850-Oxford University
History of Brazil: Comprising a Geographical Account of that Country, Together with a Narrative ... Andrew Grant 1809
The History of the Holy Bible, as Contained in the Sacred Scriptures of the Old and New ... John Fellows 1778-the New York Public Library
La vie de Nôtre-Seigneur Jesus-Christ, tirée des quatre evangelistes et celle de la trés-sainte ... Jean Croiset 1732-the University of Michigan
Magie, oder, die Zauberkräfte der Natur, so auf den nutzen und die Belustigung angewandt worden Johann Samuel Halle 1784-the New York Public Library
Miscellaneous Remarks Upon the Government, History, Religions, Literature, Agriculture, Arts ... John R. Peters 1847-Harvard University
Mémoires de l'Académie des sciences, arts et belles lettres de Dijon Académie des sciences , arts et belles lettres de Dijon (France ) 1774-the University of Michigan
Mémoires pour servir à l'histoire littéraire des dix-sept provinces des Pays-Bas, de la ... Jean Noël Paquot 1763-Oxford University
The Natural History of Ireland William Thompson , George Dickie, James R. Garrett 1851
Oeuvres T. Rémond de Saint Mard, GuillØe Amfrie de Chaulieu 1750-Oxford University
Oeuvres complètes de François Arago François Arago , Pierre Flourens 1858-the New York Public Library
Opera philosophica quae latine scripsit omnia,: in unum corpus nunc primum collecta studio et ... Thomas Hobbes, Sir William Molesworth 1839
The Poetical Works of James Beattie James Beattie , Alexander Dyce 1854-Harvard University
Proceedings and debates of the fourth National Quarantine and Sanitary Convention 0 1860
Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Courts of Common Pleas and Exchequer Chamber: With ... John Bayly Moore , Great Britain Court of Common Pleas, Great Britain Court of Exchequer Chamber 1826-Oxford University
Séances des Écoles normales, Pierre Simon Laplace , Ecoles normales (France)., Joseph Louis Lagrange, René Just Haüy, Gaspard Monge , Daubenton (Louis-Jean -Marie), Claude-Louis Berthollet, Jean -Nicolas Buache, Edme Mentelle, Constantin -François Volney , Sicard (Roch Ambroise Cucurron), Dominique -Joseph Garat, Jean -François de La Harpe , Alexis-Théophile Vandermonde, Cercle social (Paris, France )., Ecole normale supérieure (France) 1801-the New York Public Library
Sprachschatz der angelsächsischen Dichter Christian Wilhelm Michael Grein 1861
Taschenbuch für die gesammte Mineralogie Karl Cäsar von Leonhard 1822
Thirty years of foreign policy, a history of the secretaryships of the earl of Aberdeen and ... Thomas Macknight 1855-Oxford University
Œuvres complètes de saint Cyprien, tr. nouv., précédée d'une notice historique sur la vie du ... Cyprian 1837-Oxford University
Versuch einer Mokscha-mordwinischen Grammatik nebst Texten und Wörterverzeichniss August Engelbrekt Ahlqvist, August Ahlquist 1861-Oxford University
Viage fuera de España Antonio Ponz 1791-the University of Michigan
Works William Shakespeare 1795-the New York Public Library
The Works of the British Poets, with Lives of the Authors 0 1819-the New York Public Library
The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke Edmund Burke 1827-the New York Public Library
A Comprehensive History of the Iron Trade, Throughout the World: From the Earliest Records to ... Harry Scrivenor 1841-the New York Public Library
Demosthenes und seine Zeit Arnold Dietrich Schäfer 1856-Oxford University
Elements of medicine: Or, The History and Treatment of Diseases. Samuel Henry Dickson 1859
Ensayo histórico-apologético de la literatura española, contra las opiniones preocupadas de ... Francisco Xavier Llampillas, Girolamo Tiraboschi 1789-Oxford University
The history of the Church of Christ, from the times of the Apostles to the rise of the papal ... Joseph Milner 1834-Oxford University
The History of New-Hampshire Jeremy Belknap 1831-Harvard University
La Nancéide, ou La guerre de Nancy, poëme lat. de P. de Blarru, avec la tr. fr., augmentée de l ... Petrus de Blarrorivo 1840-Oxford University
Sketches of the History of Literature: From the Earliest Period to the Revival of Letters in the ... Wilkins Tannehill 1827-the University of Michigan
Stories from Church history, from the introduction of Christianity, to the sixteenth century, by ... Selina Bunbury 1828-Oxford University
Traditionary Anecdotes of Shakespeare: Collected in Warwickshire, in the Year MDCXCIII. Now ... John Dowdall 1838-the New York Public Library
The Works of Edmund Burke: With a Memoir Edmund Burke 1835-the New York Public Library
A Course of Six Lectures on the Chemical History of a Candle: To which is Added a Lecture on ... Michael Faraday , William Crookes 1861-the New York Public Library
A History of the earth and animated nature v.2 Oliver Goldsmith 1852
A Treatise on the Law of Adulterine Bastardy: With a Report of the Banbury Case, and of All ... Sir Nicholas Harris Nicolas, William Knollys 1836-Oxford University
Biographie neuchâteloise, par F.A.M. Jeanneret et J.-H. Bonhôte Frédéric Alexandre M . Jeanneret, James Henri Bonhôte 1863-Oxford University
Central India During the Rebellion of 1857 and 1858 ...: By Thomas Lowe .. Thomas Lowe 1860-Harvard University
Cours de latinité, ou, Extraits latins-français pour les classes de sixième, de cinquième et de ... Amand Laurent Paul 1807-the New York Public Library
Die Vorhalle europaeischer Voelkergeschichten vor Herodotus, um den Kaukasus und an den Gestaden ... Carl Ritter 1820-Harvard University
The English Works of Thomas Hobbes of Malmesbury Thomas ( Hobbes 1845-the New York Public Library
Esposizione topografica del viaggio israelitico nel deserto Angelo Cagnola 1829-Oxford University
The five great monarchies of the ancient Eastern world; or, The history, geography, and ... George Rawlinson 1862-Oxford University